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The SESAME Straits partners have joined in a consortium to develop and validate a new Ship Traffic Management System concept, to optimize sea traffic flow and provide vessels with advice on the best speed and route.


The consortium is led by Kongsberg Norcontrol IT, acting as prime contractor on behalf of the consortium.


The partners in the consortium represent expertise in the field of vessel traffic management, dynamic vessel positioning and navigation systems, satellite positioning, electronic charts and navigational information services, ship modelling, maritime education and research on energy consumption and reduction of emissions. The Norwegian Coastal Administration represent the operators of the VTS and ship monitoring systems in Norway and have extensive operational experience in the coastal

state functions related to ship monitoring and traffic management.


Kongsberg Norcontrol IT (KNC)

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT's maritime surveillance solutions improve safety, efficiency and security of maritime transportation and its infrastructure by providing optimal situational awareness.


KNC's solutions are in service with the world's leading maritime coastal organizations, most successful port authorities, and safest offshore operators.


KNC's advanced solutions and market leader status has been earned through:

•Experience from over 240 deliveries

•Ground breaking internal research and development

•Challenging and cutting edge projects


Within the SESAME Straits project, KNC will continue to develop the e-navigation concept, and in particular develop collaborative decision support and shared situational awareness between ship and shore.


The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA)

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, responsible for services related to maritime safety, maritime infrastructure, transport planning and efficiency, and emergency response to acute pollution.


The NCA's goals are:

  • Safe navigation
  • A clean environment
  • Transfer of goods from shore to sea
  • Sustainable coastal communities
  • Quality throughout all operations
  • Always present when needed


Within the SESAME Straits project, NCA represents the user of the STMS system, and provides guidance in the development of new innovative monitoring and control strategies.


Kongsberg Seatex (KSX)

KSX develops, manufactures and sells marine electronics to the world market. KSX supply instrumentation and positioning solutions to the oil & gas offshore, and DGNSS and AIS infrastructure solutions to national government agencies internationally. KSX is part of the development of the European satellite navigation system Galileo. Kongsberg Seatex AS is 100% owned by Kongsberg Maritime.


Kongsberg Maritime (KM)

KM provide innovative and reliable solutions for merchant marine, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine, fisheries, simulation & training, port & harbor surveillance .


Within the SESAME Straits project, KM and KSX will develop the enhanced shipboard equipment and functions, as well as data communication systems between shore and on ships.



The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute – MARINTEK – is a company in the SINTEF Group. MARINTEK is an internationally leading marine technology research company. Its range of activities covers advanced laboratory services and analyses in marine hydrodynamics and construction technology, marine ICT services, logistics and maintenance technology, in

addition to energy and environmental technology.


MARINTEK has more than 60 years of experience in the development of cost-effective, high performance ships for the shipping industry, where model testing constitutes the most important element. MARINTEK has also for more than 30 years worked extensively with international oil companies, equipment suppliers and engineering companies providing solutions for oil and gas fields worldwide. This includes areas like Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, West-Africa, South-East Asia and Australia.


Within the SESAME Straits project, Marintek will be responsible for collecting and preparing the historical traffic data for analyses. Furthermore Marintek will develop a simulator system to predict future traffic patterns for different management strategies.



Navtor AS was established by Smedvig in mid-2011 to build an automatic and market leading service for distribution and updating of Electronic charts, routing services and other relevant

navigational information – “e-Navigation”.


The main market is Commercial Shipping, and as carriage requirements for official electronic charts (ENC) moves towards an official IMO mandate, Navtor vision is to supply the increasing

market with an innovative and integrated service for ENC and e-navigation, including weather/routing, focusing on simplifying the use and utilization of these services.


Within the SESAME Straits project, NAVTOR will provide support on the ship side navigational tools as well as expertise on e.g. MetOc and piracy problems.


Buskerud and Vesftold University College (HBV)

HBV is a medium-sized Norwegian university college with approximately 4,500 students and 450 staff in 4 faculties and 13 institutes. HBV offers a diversified portfolio of programs for professional studies that includes 23 bachelors, 10 masters and 2 PhDs. The university college prepares students for professional careers within health services, education and management as well as for maritime, technical, financial and administrative positions. HBV is oriented towards applied science where research activities are developed and carried out in close cooperation with the high-tech industry and public sector as well as other leading national and international institutions. An increasing number of R&D and education activities are supported by EU programmes, the Norwegian Research Council or directly by private and public sector.


HBV has a long track record in human factor analysis for maritime systems. Within the SESAME Straits project, HBV will be responsible for the human factor element in the overall design, and investigates the decision making processes in Ship Traffic Management.


The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic and funding agency for research activities, and a chief source of advice on and input into research policy for the Norwegian Government, the central government administration and the overall research community.


An important objective is to ensure that Norway adequately invests in research and development (R&D) activity.


The Research Council promotes a cohesive strategic approach to the establishment of new fields of research, the development of higher calibre research and the implementation of new initiatives to meet the needs of society.


It is the task of the Research Council to identify Norway’s research needs and recommend national priorities. Using targeted funding schemes, the Council helps to translate national research policy goals into action.


The RCN co-funds the SESAME Straits project through the MAROFF programme, an innovation programme for maritime activities and offshore operations.