The Project

A brief overview of the SESAME Straits e-Navigation Test Bed Project



During the last decades, world seaborne trade has increased significantly. In various waterways, the increase in vessel traffic and size has resulted in congestion and limitation in manoeuvrability. Congested waters are high-density traffic areas, which are challenging for vessels to navigate through. This combination increases the risk of accidents and causes delays. In the SESAME Straits project, such high-density traffic areas are called “traffic hot-spots”.


In order to increase the safety and efficiency of the vessel traffic, we need to reduce the traffic density in these traffic hot-spots. However, today´s Vessel Traffic Service centres do not, typically, manage ships until they have arrived close to the port. Until that moment, the vessels are not aware of the traffic situation ahead of them.


With the introduction of the e-Navigation concept developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), it becomes possible to exchange marine information onboard and ashore by electronic means, during the entire voyage of the vessel i.e. "berth to berth".


The SESAME Straits project (Secure, Efficient, and Safe maritime traffic Management in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore) aims to utilize the IMO e-Navigation concept in order to reduce the problem of traffic hot-spots. SESAME Straits will make it possible to predict possible vessel traffic hot-spots in congested waterways and offers new strategies to avoid such congestions. This will improve the safety of vessel traffic and enable "Just-in-time" arrival of vessels, improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure, and reducing the environmental footprint.


The SESAME Straits concept will be tested in the most utilised waterways in the world, the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. However, the concept will be developed so that it can be deployed in any waterway where there is traffic congestion.


The SESAME Straits serves as a highly important testbed for the IMO’s e-navigation concept. It intends to test various aspects of e-navigation and to facilitate the implementation of e-navigation solutions in the maritime domain. For this reason the project has guidance from the Straits e-Navigation Alliance (SENA) High Level Advisory Board (HLAB), which consists of members from IMO, IHO, IALA, ICS, BIMCO, CIRM, as well as the maritime administrations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway and Singapore. The SENA proposed the Ship Traffic Management Project (STMS), which includes the SESAME Straits project. Read more here


The SESAME Straits project is partly funded through the MAROFF funding scheme of the Norwegian Research Council.